"...here is where you can wallow in the parenting woes, celebrate parenting victories and discover new ways to love your children and your lives together."

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Have you, since becoming a parent, drank a cup of coffee without it going cold? Have you, since becoming a parent while staying at home with your children, drank a cup of coffee without it going cold? Have you even been able to finish a cup of coffee at all regardless its temperature? We all have different paths we take on this journey through parenting some of us co-sleep, some of us work, some of us feed our children only organic food and some of us give our children frozen waffles for dinner and call it a win. Whatever path it is your taking through parenthood I can only assume many of us all have one thing in common; we put our children first. 95% of a every waking day and even during sleep we are putting our children’s needs, wants and desires ahead of our own. Most mornings my child needs me to re-attach his trash can to his trash truck and help him “dump” marbles into the trash truck, then I feed the dogs then 80 other things happen when I find my cold cup of coffee on the counter. Some mornings my child wants to have his breakfast outside in which I move us outdoors to enjoy our breakfast once again leaving my coffee to cool to a perfect room temperature on the counter. Very few mornings my child desires to lay on me while watching TV and in just the perfect position to make it physically impossible for me to reach that coffee cup to my lips and yes you guessed it . . . . goes cold. No matter what that need or want is it always seems to go into affect right when the Keurig is breathing its last breath of life into that beloved coffee cup.

 I may be a little coffee obsessed maybe you are too or maybe you have a beloved thing that takes a backseat to parenting. Whatever it is; here is where you can wallow in the parenting woes, celebrate parenting victories and discover new ways to love your children and your lives together.

This blog is for moms and dads, adoptive parents, grandparents, caretakers and anyone who has children in their lives that they love, care for and want to learn more about! 



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Cold Coffee, Dirty Diapers and Daydreams

 I wont pretend that life with baby is perfect and I really wont pretend that life with a toddler is perfect! That's OK, try as we might our lives will never be "perfect"  because there will always be something bigger and better that we want to conquer next! Most importantly in the now; life is good! I am a stay-at-home-mom with a wonderful and supportive husband who is busy working as well as attending school full-time. I have many hobbies in which I enjoy and generally never focus on one for too long. . . "hobby ADHD". Most of my hobbies are done while watching television or listening to an audio book! As far as parenting goes I am a pretty attached mama who nursed until my son was 14 months old, wore him from time to time but not as much as I wish I did (now that he won't stay put) and I currently cloth diaper. I am not a crunchy granola mom(aspire as I may), I do envy their dedication to all things natural and "clean". I do not hold any parenting style against anyone and I often love to take different aspects of parenting styles and use them for my own unique parenting approach. Before I had a child I was busy as an educator working with kids ranging from preschool to elementary school, I worked with special education specifically autism as well as tutored and taught gymnastics. I have always loved working with children and knew being a mom was made for me.  
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