What to do, what to do . . .

Finding things to do with your kids may often times prove more difficult than it should be. Your tired, you want to get out of the house, maybe your on a budget or maybe your imagination and desire to google or ask friends went out the window along with your child's sippy cup. I gotcha covered check out some of these things to do with your kiddos and that an often times double as and activity for yes . . . .you too! 

The Museum’s exhibits are carefully designed to nurture visitors scientific imaginations, build their confidence and competence, and encourage them to test, tinker, create, and wonder! Our exhibit philosophy responds to a persons need to learn through concrete interactions — touching, exploring, manipulating , experimenting and hands-on learning. 

Exhibits offer a  range of different sciences and topics including: -Dinosaurs - Electricity -Magnets -Music and sound -Live Animals -Botany -Geology -Anatomy -Space and flight  - American Indian basket collection 

Who does't love fresh produce? It's even better when its local! There is nothing quite like going home with a basket-full of fresh produce, bread, milk even eggs and cheese! We love going to this particular farmers market because its under beautiful vines which provide shad. There are tables and chairs at the end of the market and almost always has a food truck as well as a coffee truck with fresh-local coffee beans! The vendors hand out samples which my kiddo loves he also enjoys helping pick the produce and handing the vendors the money to pay for our yummy food! We often go with friends and let the kids play while relaxing under shady trees. 

A night out for dinner with a toddler in tow is not exactly the most enjoyable experience most times! At Gazebo Gardens the kids can run around, check out the koi pond, play with rocks(like mine) Watch the trains go by oh and of course listen to music! Always a live band as well as a plethora of local food trucks, ice-cream trucks oh and yes beer! So sit back, preferably at a table with a fire pit down the center, drink a beer and eat a quesadilla, or a pizza or my personal favorite a Pig Mac! 

If your looking to take your kids to the park then this one will not in any way disappoint! This is by far my absolute favorite park to take my son to. They have an amazing playground area all with handicap friendly play structures and the most creative and educational editions to a park I have ever seen. This park also includes a splash park (May - Oct), a dog park, a cute little look out "hill" with a telescope up top, a life size musical instrument garden, smaller play structure as well as swings for infants and kids, a baseball field as well as basket ball courts and a skate park! Is that enough for your kids?? I hope so!

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Cold Coffee, Dirty Diapers and Daydreams

 I wont pretend that life with baby is perfect and I really wont pretend that life with a toddler is perfect! That's OK, try as we might our lives will never be "perfect"  because there will always be something bigger and better that we want to conquer next! Most importantly in the now; life is good! I am a stay-at-home-mom with a wonderful and supportive husband who is busy working as well as attending school full-time. I have many hobbies in which I enjoy and generally never focus on one for too long. . . "hobby ADHD". Most of my hobbies are done while watching television or listening to an audio book! As far as parenting goes I am a pretty attached mama who nursed until my son was 14 months old, wore him from time to time but not as much as I wish I did (now that he won't stay put) and I currently cloth diaper. I am not a crunchy granola mom(aspire as I may), I do envy their dedication to all things natural and "clean". I do not hold any parenting style against anyone and I often love to take different aspects of parenting styles and use them for my own unique parenting approach. Before I had a child I was busy as an educator working with kids ranging from preschool to elementary school, I worked with special education specifically autism as well as tutored and taught gymnastics. I have always loved working with children and knew being a mom was made for me.  
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