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DIY Color Wheel Craft and Activity

It is never to early to work on basic lessons with your child such as colors, letters, numbers, sounds and objects. I have a “circle time” inspired area set up in my son’s room which has a white board, a color and object poster as well as post it letters and flashcards. We do not get to this everyday although we should. It is my goal to do about 10 minutes a day, you would think that would be an easy goal to achieve but hello mom life!

I am always looking for things to help introduce new skills to my son and I especially like ones I can make myself as it is cost effective and personalized. I decided to make a color wheel, which not only teaches colors but also challenges fine motor skills as well as matching color to color. While my son may not get these concepts right away, early as well as repeated exposure is what I find the most successful way of teaching. By repeatedly introducing basic concepts to my son it is my hope that once he is ready for preschool he will easily pick up on basic lessons as well more advanced concepts.

Without further ado, I will show you my very imperfect and very homemade color wheel!

From left: I started with a cereal box we were tossing out and made a circle from a square I cut out. From there I very lazily and not at all properly made 8 triangular sections on the circle. I then labeled each color. From other projects similar to this I have seen people paint the color wheel, I was not interested in that nor do I currently have all of the proper colors so alas I decided on felt since I have plenty! I cut triangles of each color I wanted from the felt then hot glued them to the circle as well as a small rectangle of each to a clothes pin. That's it! Not very time consuming or difficult.

As I mentioned before my little guy wont be able to understand this right away however, now I have another activity to give him from time to time and eventually he will be able to properly open and close the clothes pin as well as name and match the colors. When toddler play with something it is OK if they are not doing "properly" they are making sense of it on their own and eventually they will understand its true purpose. If you have older children they will be able to help you make this color wheel especially if you decide to paint it!

Hope this inspired some new activities for you and your kids to have fun with and begin the learning process at home!

Thanks for reading!

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Cold Coffee, Dirty Diapers and Daydreams

 I wont pretend that life with baby is perfect and I really wont pretend that life with a toddler is perfect! That's OK, try as we might our lives will never be "perfect"  because there will always be something bigger and better that we want to conquer next! Most importantly in the now; life is good! I am a stay-at-home-mom with a wonderful and supportive husband who is busy working as well as attending school full-time. I have many hobbies in which I enjoy and generally never focus on one for too long. . . "hobby ADHD". Most of my hobbies are done while watching television or listening to an audio book! As far as parenting goes I am a pretty attached mama who nursed until my son was 14 months old, wore him from time to time but not as much as I wish I did (now that he won't stay put) and I currently cloth diaper. I am not a crunchy granola mom(aspire as I may), I do envy their dedication to all things natural and "clean". I do not hold any parenting style against anyone and I often love to take different aspects of parenting styles and use them for my own unique parenting approach. Before I had a child I was busy as an educator working with kids ranging from preschool to elementary school, I worked with special education specifically autism as well as tutored and taught gymnastics. I have always loved working with children and knew being a mom was made for me.  
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